Tips and Tricks to Survive a New Job

There is always a little apprehension when one starts a new job, whether it is the first ever job or simply a career move. There are always certain questions in the mind; how will you perform on the job? What if you do not like the new job? There is never a 100% guarantee of an exceptional work performance whether you have graduated from a top university or hired as a top executive.

What you need to survive your new job is careful planning, the right amount of confidence, inquisitive nature, and realistic expectations.


It is important to set up a certain set of long-term and short-term career goals. This keeps in staying focused and wears off all fear and anxiety to help you get through the initial phase of your new job.


Being confident that you will do well will help a lot in doing well. It is important to remember, however, that overconfidence will only lead you to trouble.


Find out more about the job, the company and its culture. And get this information fast. Ask questions and get things cleared if there are any ambiguities.


Do not keep your expectations too high of you will have a difficult time facing any possible failures. If you look for unrealistic achievements there is simply going to be more pressure and more chances of messing up at your new job.


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Making Sure You Do NOT Get Fired

Lay-offs are very common in Dubai, especially during the recent economic recession. Even thought the economy of UAE has started to pick up pace, there are still a lot of uncertainties in the job market. To make sure you do not become the next victim of a downsizing strategy, you need to take certain effective measures.

Offer more than required

It is a good idea to volunteer for extra tasks and take keen interest in any new assignments and challenges you are faced with. This will not only polish up your current skills but also make you indispensable for the company you work for.

Spend more time at work

Always arrive a little early in the morning and leave later than the closing time. This gives assurance to the employers that you are committed to your work and are not there for a paycheck only.

Maintain a good relationship with your boss

This can be tough but pays off well. At all times, keep your boss informed of your work activities. Do not hesitate to consult him/her for help and guidance. Another effective technique for maintaining a healthy relationship with your boss is to do their work and make them look good before others.

Develop skills

Learn and acquire new skills and techniques relevant to your work. Keep an eye on short courses that are offered. There are several seminars and workshops conducted in Dubai on a regular basis that are useful and quite inexpensive.

Build and expand your professional network

Extend your work relationships outside your department. Make friends with colleagues in other departments and other organizations. This will help you in getting access to useful information regarding your job and current market trends.

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How to Improve Leadership and Managerial Skills at Your Job in Dubai

Good management cannot be carried out without good leadership skills. Leadership is not a quality that everyone possesses. When recruiting managers for a company in Dubai, hiring managers make an assessment of the leadership and managerial skills of job applicants before coming to the final decision. This is considered as important as assessment of any technical skill that the applicant has.

It is a misconception that leaders are born not made. With improved effort, it is a trait that can be attained. The following techniques can be very useful in this regard:

Investment in improving knowledge and skills

A good manager and leader is the one who is well-informed of the company’s operations, requirements of the role and the current industry trends. Another area that needs to be worked on is polishing up the skills and acquiring new ones. This should be part of an on-going career development plan if you want to have a competitive edge and succeed at your career in Dubai.

Be visible and accessible

A manager is valued when he/she is easily approachable by the workers. A manager is always looked upon by the subordinates for guidance, solutions to problems, and demonstration of work.

Positive attitude

Confidence and optimism are two essential traits of a good manager and leader. If the manager is shaky about the decisions taken, the workers are likely to be shaky as well. Even in tough situations, maintaining a positive attitude is very important for the manager.

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How to Prepare Yourself for a Telephone Interview

The best thing about a telephone interview is that you do not have worry about how you look. This saves you a lot of trouble getting the right dress, shoes, hairdo and accessories. Having said all that, it is a misconception that there is no need to prepare yourself for a telephone interview.

During the initial stages of the recruitment process, it has become more common in Dubai to have a telephone interview with the job applicants. It is an inexpensive way to do the initial screening.

Getting organized for the telephone interview requires a few of these considerations:

  • Arrange for a quiet place so that there are no distractions while you are listening to and answering the interview questions. Keep all doors and windows of the room closed and make sure pets and children are not in the room.
  • Keep a copy of the CV and other relevant documents in front of you in case they might need referring to in the discussions.
  • Do your homework regarding the company and the role you have applied for. Be well informed about the operations and prepare yourself to answer questions like, “Why would you like to work for us?,” or “Why do you think you are most suited to the role?”
  • Smile while you talk on the phone. This will keep you more relaxed and make you sound more confident and assertive.
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What You Need to Do Before the Interview for a Job in Dubai

It is very important to take all necessary steps before the interview for a job in Dubai. The Dubai job market is highly competitive and just because you have been called for the interview, your job is not guaranteed. The hiring managers are going to make a careful analysis of all candidates during the interview before making a final decision. Those job seekers who have prepared themselves well in advance have better chances of getting selected for the job.

Gather company information

Find out as much as you can about the basic operations of the company you have applied for. There is plenty of information you can gather from the company’s website. This will be useful in giving the answers more confidently and you can link your expertise to the company requirements.

Practice potential job interview questions

Depending on the industry you are applying for, there will be a list of possible questions that can be asked. Make a list of those questions and practice the answers. There is a lot of information you can find on various websites regarding this.

Dress appropriately

Dress and groom yourself for the interview as if you were going for the job. Neat, clean attire is very important. Choice of colours should not be too loud and avoid too many accessories.

Be fully equipped

Even if you have sent the resume before, carry another hard copy for the interview. Your portfolio should also include any reference letters and samples of previous work, if any.

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How to Have a Graceful Resignation From You Job

Resigning from a job is not an easy task. Even when you are dissatisfied with your current job and anxiously waiting to start a new one, resignation process must be handled very tactfully. This is because there is no telling when you might be faced by your ex-boss or past co-workers or might want to get in touch with them for references. Therefore, just like any other business task, resignation must also be handled very carefully.

The first step is to ensure you are taking the right decision. Carefully evaluate all pros and cons of the resignation to come up with your final conclusion so that you do not face any regrets later. Once you are determined that you want to go ahead with the decision, the next wise thing to do is inform your boss. It will be considered highly unprofessional and unethical if your boss found out about your plans from others sources.

When presenting your resignation, it is a good idea to give at least two weeks’ notice or whatever is required according to the terms of contract. Use this time to finish all pending tasks and if, a replacement is under consideration, provide training to that new recruit.

Sometimes, before the acceptance of the resignation letter, the employers like to interview the candidate. Handle that interview very professionally. Do not badmouth the employer or the company. In fact, do appreciate all that the company had offered you in that past and express gratitude for giving you a chance to work with them. At this point, you can also for a reference letter that can be used later for the new job search. Lastly, say your goodbyes on cordial terms.

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Four Things to Avoid At Work

The quality and efficiency of work is not the only thing that can guarantee you will not lose your job. There are a number of other things that you need to avoid at work place to ensure your job security. Here are four of the few things you must avoid at work:

Salary discussions

Many colleagues try to pry over the salary of others. It is a good idea to avoid such discussions. If you find your salary to be higher than others at the same level, it might create a feeling of jealousy in them and if it is lower, then you might feel disappointment leading to a lack of motivation and inefficiency.

Discriminatory remarks

Dubai, being a blend of all cultures, has people coming from all ethnic beliefs. Passing any discriminatory remark could actually cost you your job.

Misuse of company facilities

Sleeping over the desk in your cubicle, using the company phone for making personal phone calls, using the internet for other reasons than work are all examples of unethical behavior at work. These must be avoided as it will be very difficult to justify yourself when caught.

Not following rules

The arrival and departure times must be followed very strictly. The dress code should also be according to the company culture. Organizational chart must be followed when making communication with peers, superiors and subordinates.

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Work and Live in Abu Dhabi

One of the rapidly growing cities of the Middle East region after Dubai, Abu Dhabi is a great amalgamation of people different cultures and religions who have come together for job opportunities. As oil and gas sector is the primary source of income for the emirate, there are more jobs created in this sector than any other sector even though the government is taking huge measures to diversify its economy.

Oil, gas and petroleum in the United Arab Emirates have always been the major source of attraction for countries worldwide. Many companies have been established and a huge number of workers have come to the region for employment opportunities. The tax-free income and safe living conditions makes Abu Dhabi a desired place for many job seekers.

The huge amount of wealth generated from oil exports has been helpful in the development of other sectors in the economy such as banking, hospitality, information technology and medicine. Skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled, professionals and entrepreneurs have all benefitted from the rapid growth of industry sectors in Abu Dhabi.

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What NOT to do When Writing a Resume

In the competitive employment market, a perfectly written resume is a candidate’s most effective tool for lending a job. In contrast, if your resume is full of flaws, not only leaves a bad impression but also reduces the chances of your selection.

Here is a list of things that you need to avoid for creating a flawless resume:

  1. One of the most common mistakes that people make is to create a one page resume condensed with lots of information. Though it is good to make a short resume but if you have a lot of experience, two pages may be fine.
  1. Most people think necessary to mention all their work experience. Do not list that experience which is irrelevant to the job you are applying for.
  1. Avoid including controversial information such as political affiliations, religion and ethnicity. Such information may create biasness and close the door of landing an interview.
  1. Do not list your information in haphazard order. Arrange all the information according to their importance.
  1. Do not use confusing nouns and verbs. Use action verbs such as managed, and planned; such words are easily noticed by employers and make your resume lively.
  1. Do not use personal pronouns such as ‘I’, ‘my’, and articles, such as ‘a’, ‘the’, because they are simply seen as a space filler.
  1. Do not deviate from the standard format. Gaudy backgrounds, fonts and images on your resume give an indecent impression so always use the standard font size, style and color.
  1. Do not jam your resume with a large amount of text. Give relief to the eyes of the readers by adding more white space between sentences.

To craft a perfect resume is not that difficult; just omit unnecessary things and be focused in information arrangement. A resume that has a clear focus always grabs the attention of employers and hiring managers.

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New and Attractive Job Offers in Dubai

The economic recession affected all countries worldwide but some showed a quicker recovery than others. Dubai, UAE, has seen a much optimistic response from employees during the current year, 2010. Employers are also, in an attempt for a comeback, looking for good potential candidates for new hiring.

Some industry sectors in Dubai are doing better than others. There is high demand for professionals in IT, health and tourism. Banking and construction sectors are picking up on a slow pace. Administrative workers will also be able to land good jobs in the region.

Recruitment agencies and job boards are a good option to look for a new job. But you should not limit your search to that. Newspapers are a good source of finding job opportunities. Khaleej Times, Gulf News and National Post are some of the more popular newspapers. Another way is contact the companies directly. If you are offshore, visit their websites and if you are in the city, you may also visit the companies and apply for a job. Networking is also quite beneficial in the job search. Join forums and other popular social networks to get help from references.

Dubai has a slow interview and recruitment process so a lot of patience is required in the job search. It is better to stay in your country and look for job opportunities in Dubai. If you come to the city and go through a waiting period, you will soon be exhausted because of the high accommodation costs.

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